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Salming Speed6
  • Weight: 230 g (UK 9)
  • Drop: 6 mm
  • Color: Fluo Yellow/Black
  • Gender: Men
  • Stack: 22 mm center of heel 16 mm ball of foot
  • Midsole: Recoil™ + RecoilR™
  • Outsole: Lite rubber
  • Lining: Mesh
  • Sizes: UK6.5-12.0, EU40 2/3-48
  • SKU: 1287050-1901

The successor of the initiated runner favorite - Speed 3 and Speed 5 - has all the DNA of its predecessors and then some.

The development process of the Speed6 has been based on a lightversion of Salmings Natural Running Support System™ which facilitates for every runner to find and stay in their natural running stride. We’ve been aiming for the initiated runners that loved the Speed 3 to recognise the lightness and responsiveness but also appreciate the new developments and technologies put into the Speed6. 62/75° technology assures that the shoe bends in exactly the right places

  • 1287050-1901_10_SAL_Speed6_MEN_Closeup.jpg
  • 1287050-1901_2_Salming_Speed6_MEN_SafetyYellow_Black.jpg
  • 1287050-1901_3_Salming_Speed6_MEN_SafetyYellow_Black.jpg
  • 1287050-1901_4_Salming_Speed6_MEN_SafetyYellow_Black.jpg
  • 1287050-1901_5_Salming_Speed6_MEN_SafetyYellow_Black.jpg
  • 1287050-1901_6_Salming_Speed6_MEN_SafetyYellow_Black.jpg
  • 1287050-1901_7_SAL_Speed6_MEN_Closeup.jpg
  • 1287050-1901_8_SAL_Speed6_MEN_Closeup.jpg
  • 1287050-1901_9_SAL_Speed6_MEN_Closeup.jpg