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Free delivery above £ 50

Returns and Exchanges

How long do I have if I change my mind?

You have a 60 day cooling-off period from the day you collect your package.

How do I make a return?

1. Place the items in their respective original packaging.
2. Pack the shipment well, preferably in the original package.
3. Attach the completed return label to the front of your package so it can be clearly read.
4. Drop off the package at your nearest UPS Access Point.
5. The return cost is GBP 5.0 and we will deduct it from the refund.

Pack your return with care and remember: Shoe boxes must be placed in a plastic bag or packed into an additional box. Do not write directly on the shoe box or packaging. We cannot accept returns that do not conform to these requirements.

How do I make an exchange?

Return the unwanted products according to the instructions above. Then place a new order for the product(s) that you would like to receive instead.

How much does a return cost?

Return shipping costs GBP 5.0. When we reimburse you, we will debit GBP 5.0.

When will I be reimbursed for the return?

We will reimburse you as soon as we have received the returned product. Pursuant to Swedish law, we are afforded 14 days to perform the reimbursement, but our goal is to do this as swiftly as possible.

What happens if I don't collect my package?

A fee of GBP 10.0 will be charged for unclaimed packages.