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Penalty Throw

With raised arm

If you want to be a good penalty throw executer you need a wide range of different penalty throws in your repertoire. This one demands a distinct flick in the wrist and precision.

The penalty thrower's objective is to shoot the ball in the gap between the goalkeeper's leg and arm.

He begins by holding the ball with a raised arm in order to lure the goalie to hold his hands in a high position. By doing small hand movements he gets the goalkeeper unsure when the ball is about to be thrown.

The shot will then come as a surprise and the penalty thrower angles the ball down in the gap with his wrist.

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If you are facing an offensive goalkeeper, a lob could be very effective. As a shooter it is important that you try to get the Goalkeeper to make the first move. 

Make a small body feint or go for a really powerful shot to get the Goalkeeper moving. Once the Goalkeeper has started to move, preferably sideways, it is very difficult for him or her to reach a well balanced lob. 

Please note the hand and wrist movement of the shooter…

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Thumb screw

A variation of the penalty shot is the so called thumb screw, which accompanied with a flick of the wrist, can be very effective and spectacular. 

A dummy move will make the goalkeeper cover the wrong corner, enabling the shooter to place the ball close to his standing leg. Please note the flick and twist of the wrist and the effect it has on the trajectory of the ball…

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