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Passing School


The attack starts with a distinct shot feint from the backcourt player, which forces the defender to step out against him to block the shot.

But instead of shooting, the backcourt player makes a quick sidestep movement and releases the ball to the pivot player, who in the same movement has made a side screening against his defender and created a space for the pass.

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Over head

A variation, that might frustrate the defender, is when the attacker passes the ball closley over the defenders head. To succeed, you have to trick the defender to lower his hands. 

One way of executing it is to feint a low shot, but by using your wrist, play the ball over his head instead.

The pass demands excellent wrist skills and will be a surprising choice of passing the ball, for any defense exposed to it.

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Between legs

To pass the ball on to the Pivot player, is a challenge. The key is to find space for the pass to the Pivot player, as it turns out, there is a lot of space around the defenders legs. Through the attackers quick change of pace and his quick move to the side, he forces the defender to move sideways.

Then, at the most advantageous moment, he plays the ball in the gap that becomes present when the defender moves his legs. 

From the Pivot players point of view it is important that he moves along with the movement of his team mate, enabling him to catch the ball, twist around to get round the defender and last, but not least, score a goal.

Please notice the timing of the attacker when he plays the ball between the defenders legs…

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