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Feint School

Reversed feint

This feint is one of the sport's most classic and effective for breakthroughs. The feint is based on an offensive player that attacks in high speed and makes a powerful arm rotation, at the same moment as the defender is trying to get body contact.

Just before contact the attacker lays the free hand on the defender's upper arm, presses him to the side and slides past for a goal attempt. To succeed with the feint you need timing and correct distance to the defender.

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Twist feint

In this video sequence, the flow of the shooters movement is crucial. It enables him to maintain the force of the rotation all the way to the actual shot. The Shooter wants the defender to believe that he will launch an under arm shot.

Thanks to a major shooting feint, the defender comes down low on his left foot, this is when the shooter turns and launches the Twist feint. If the shooter has calculated his timing right, he has two more steps left to twist around and launch his shot.

In order to pull off the feint, you have to execute it clearly and thereby leaving the defender rooted on the spot in order to increase your shooting chances.

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The Three-step-fient is a part of Handball ABC and is considered to be one of the most used feints within the sport. 

The Shooter, moving forward at a high speed, catches the ball and takes one big step to the left. Thereafter, he sets off with great speed and power to the right and after the third step he jumps up and launches his shot.

To succeed with the three-step-feint, there are some important details you need to pay attention to.  Number one is to have enough strength in your legs to execute the feint properly. Number two is make sure you have the proper distance between yourself and the defender throughout the enitre movement.

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Shot feint

The goal for the shooter is to leave the defender passive and rooted on the spot. If he succeeds, he has a better chance of launching the shot above the defender.

In order to pull off the feint, you have to execute it clearly and make sure you have power left in your legs to jump up and launch your shot. Goalkeeper - far corner save. 

In this video we can see the wingman launching his shot and the goalkeeper is trying to make him aim for the far corner.

The goalkeeper is very offensive and adjusts his position by several small movements. When the shot is finally launched, the goalkeeper blocks the far corner with both his arms and left leg.

Please note that this is executed with full force and in an explosive way.

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