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Join the game!

What are your skills? Put on your Salming Kobra shoes and get your Salming Floorball stick ready.
Join the game with Kim & Adam Nilsson!

Q5 CarbonX - The worlds lightest floorball stick?

Lightweight like you never experienced it before. Carbon X is made in a revolutionary lightweight carbon material combined with a secret resin receipt and weights only 185g.

Salming Academy™

Five years and nearly 2 million views. Check out new skills and new players, we will release more films during the coming season!

Slide 4 - the 5th generation of Salming Goalie shoe

A lightweight shoe with excellent sliding characteristics and maximized flexibility. Developed together with Viktor Klintsten, top goalie and Swedish Champion with Storvreta.

Salming Kobra - Strike first!

The brand new Salming Kobra is a fast paced unique combination of lightweight, cushioning and stability. Check out all the new features here!

Salming Viper - Move faster!

Low profile and excellent stability characteristics. Gets you close to the floor, makes you faster and leaves you opponent behind.

Salming Q5

The new Salming Quest 5 gives you power and control of the game exactly when you need it. Get it and you will feel the difference from the first move.

Salming Blades

Three different polymer technologies, Endurance, Touch and Biopower. Find your own optimal blade!

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