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Pivot School

Russian Screen

The backcourt player attacks against his defender to lure him out. Then he makes sidestep towards the middle and goes for a jump shot.

The pivot player then takes a step forward and makes a well-timed side screen on the defender who now is stopped with no chance to follow the movement. The other defender must then go out on the shooter.

At the same time the pivot player falls down in the open space, receives the pass and finish the attack.

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Twist away from defender

Today, Handball is a demanding role for a Pivot player. You need some tricks up your sleeve to be able to break away and take a shot.

The defender is holding on to the Pivot player. At the same time as the Pivot player catches the ball, he moves his weight downwards and twists away from the defender. What will decide if he succeeds in breaking loose, is that when twisting away he must block the arm of the defender at the same time.

The blocking of the arm combined with the movement of the line player, eliminates the defenders ability to resist the force that this movement presents. Please note how he squeezes right above the elbow of the defender.

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