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Attack School

Underarm shot

In today's handball a backcourt player should master many different types of shooting techniques.

The underarm shot is one of the most difficult for the goalkeepers since the shot often comes as a surprise and from a hidden position.

It is important that the last step is a long one. That the shooter presses down the front leg and that he uses a lot of wrist when he shoots.

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The key here is for the attacker to make the jump as high as possible and thereby gain time needed to finish his shot. By raising his arm and at the same time changing the angle of his upper torso, the attacker wants the goalkeeper to believe that he will shoot the ball in the nearest corner. 

But, at the highest point of his jump there is a sudden change. He lowers his hand and with a flick of the wrist he places the ball beyond the reach of the goalkeeper. 

Please note the attackers body positioning, paying attention to the angle of his upper torso, and also note the flick of his wrist and the spin that is put on the ball.

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Lay up

This might very well be the most technically demanding jump shot of them all. First and foremost, a quick high jump is needed in order to gain as much time and favourable angle as possible. With his lower arm, the wingman wants the goalkeeper to think that he will shoot in the far corner.

As the goalkeeper comes down from his covering top position, the wingman, acting with perfect timing, makes a lay up movement and shoots the ball passed the top of the goalkeepers head.

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