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Goalie School

Stopping In Zone Play

Stretch out your hand closest to the post to stop in-zone play in the slot.

Remain in position until you are sure that the player has moved on behind the goal cage. Perform a fast and controlled sweeping motion. Keep your chest and head facing forward.

It is important that you always use the arm closest to the post. This way you will quickly be able to cover a shot if a pass goes by you.

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Pitching techniques - one

The first floorball goalie pitching technique has alot of similarities to cricket fast bowling or javelin, where you run and then throw the ball. 

It is important to use your whole body and not just the arm. If you throw with your right arm, then at the same time you bring back your right arm back you should move your left arm up.

Speed is created through the stretch between the right arm and hip and shoulder rotation - make sure to follow through. Where you place the bounce is important for the length of of the throw.

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Pitching technique two - underarm throw

In the second pitching technique Stefan illustrates it is important to make good use of your wrist and release the ball close to the floor. Make sure you bend your knee in order to get close to the floor.

This technique makes it very easy for the receiving player to get control of the ball.

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Mobility drill - Post to Post

Practice mobility from post to post. If you are moving from left to right use your right foot and leg to slide from left to right and vice versa.

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Mobility and positioning

Practice mobility and positioning from one side to the other in one long motion. 

If you are moving from left to right use your right foot and leg to slide from left to right and vice versa. Follow the ball from side to side.

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Mobility drill - contineous repositioning

Practice mobility from left to right with a serie of small repositionings. 

Follow the ball in a serie of small movements. If you are moving to the right use your right leg and vice versa.

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Starting position for shots from the side - step one

When shots are coming from distance to the side make sure you get out from the goal cage in order to cut angle and cover the net better. 

Your hands should be in mid high position so you can react quickly both up and down.

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Shots from the side - mobililty and positioning - step two

Movement from one pole to the other and into starting posture. Focus on quick movement with your legs in order to quickly find the right position at the other side.

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Shots and rebound control

First shot from the front then by turns rebound from left and right. 

Important to get out from the goal cage in order to cut the angles and cover the net, then practice a quick movement to the side to save the robound shot.

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Mobility and reflex drill

Goalie starts at the far goalie post, then when the pass is made quickly move to the other side and cover the goal and make the save. 

Important that the goalie does not start before the pass is made. Focus on getting the movement technique right with the legs.

Start the drill in a slow pace and then slowly increase the pace.

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Close up shot with reflex save training

Player one runs forward and get pass from behind from player nr 2. Player one shoots instantly.

Goalie practice right placement and reflex save. Player 2 runs forward and receive pass from players 3 etc.

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