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Full body running analysis

Run faster, better and injury free

Improve your running technique with a full body running analysis – by Salming RunLAB

Would you like to run faster with less effort? 
Are you interested in decreasing the likelihood of getting injured?
Would you like to get individualized recommendation how to improve
your running technique and what exercises that will help you get there?

What ever the reasons are, if you want to get a better runner and
have more fun with your sport, Salming RunLAB™ has the tool for you
- a Full-body Running Analysis.

What is Salming RunLAB?

A unique running assessment service

At Salming RunLAB runners of any skill level can come and get their running style analyzed. 
Salming RunLAB is equipped with advanced motion capture technology from
Qualisys that measures movements in 3D space. The technology is used by elite athletes, 
physiotherapists and researchers of biomechanics, and gives a scientific analysis
of the whole body when you run - Full-body Running Analysis.

The report you will get not only include the analysis, it also contains a full training
program to strengthen certain muscles, increase your movability in certain areas
or co-ordinations drills that will help you improve your running technique.

The analysis takes place in the Salming RunLAB™ at Salming Running Store in Gothenburg,
Stockholm, Raleigh and Zürich. The entire session takes just under 45 minutes.
Our test requires that you are 15 years old or older.

Here is how it works

1The runner runs on a treadmill for ten minutes. the system records everything.
2The trainer gives a first input and a preliminary web report is presented.
3The trainer goes through the results in detail and gives initial recommendations.
4After one hour the complete test is done and the runner gets his or her complete web report.
5The report shows a range of 30 key parameters for good running technique.
6The runner can watch four videos to assess his or. her technique
7There are coaching tips to improve the running posture and technique.
8An individual training program, with explanations and videos is included.
9The runner also gets a login to the website for more information and access to all his or her data.

This is what you get

A Salming full body running analysis and how to improve your running

  • A Full-body assessment of your running technique, using 8 Motion Capture Cameras, which can take 400 frames per/s.
  • A comparison of your running biomechanics to our extensive database of elite runners.
  • Our Expert Running coach personal evaluation of your Running technique with observations and recommendations.
  • Individualized recommendations for training exercises (movability, strength and co-ordination) that will help to improve your technique and performance.
  • Two animated 3D videos your running skeleton from front and side view. Give you insight into how your running biomechanics actually works.
  • Two “real life” videos showing your running from front and side view.
  • A scientific and extensive web based report of the results of your running technique assessment.
  • A training program, including movability exercises and/or co-ordinations drills and/or strengthen exercises

What's measured?

The report includes graphs, tables and data for the following parameters, all data available at the various speeds tested.

  • Steps/min (cadence)
  • Step length
  • Contact time
  • Flight time
  • Pelvis height
  • Pelvis obliquity
  • Pelvis tilt
  • Pelvis rotation
  • Knee angle
  • Ankle flexion
  • Foot rotation (pronation, supination)
  • Foot contact (heel, mid foot, forefoot)
  • Frontal ankle path
  • Sagittal ankle path
  • Shoulder – pelvis flexion
  • Shoulder pelvis lateral flexion
  • Shoulder pelvis rotation
  • Elbow angle
  • Elbow path
  • Wrist path
  • Contact in relation to center of gravity

See an example of a complete Full-body running report.

How to book


The standard session is for you who want to try Salming RunLABTM for the first time and see how it works. Hopefully you will come back in a few months and follow up to see how you have improved your running. This is what is included, more details see  ”This is what you get”:

1 running session
1 Full body running analysis
1 Webreport
Training program

SEK 1 995


If you really want to improve your running it is important make continuous analysis. So go all the way and book two sessions right away and get a discount!  This is what is included, more details see ”This is what you get”:

2 running sessions
2 Full body running analysis
2 Webreport
Training program

SEK 2 995


Learn from each other, take your friends and book a group session. We have space for maximum four people at the time. The sessions will be a little bit shorter and your running coach will go through the results with the whole group. This is what is included, more details see ”This is what you get”:

1 running session
1 Full body running analysis
1 Webreport
Training program

SEK 1 125 - 1 500/person

Contact Salming RunLAB Stockholm or Salming RunLAB Göteborg for booking.

The Science

By getting your running analysis done, you will also participate in a big science project on human running mechanics. In the long-term, the collected data will help scientists further understand what makes a good running technique, how to discover injuries earlier, and how to avoid injuries altogether.

Various research reports indicate that as much as 40-70% of all runners have at least one injury each year. Even the smallest deviation from good technique can cause injury or otherwise decrease running performance. This is inherent to the repetitive nature of running. As a runner you take approximately 1000 steps per kilometer and in each step the force/load on your body is 3-5 times your body weight. While many injuries might first appear minor, they can become more serious over time if not properly treated.

What causes this high % of injuries? It is certainly more complicated than simply picking the right running shoe.

This is why good running technique is so important. But what defines good running technique?
To answer that question we have created an extensive database of the biomechanics of uninjured elite runners. By comparing runners to this database, we can detect unusual patterns in their running style.

It’s a given that improving your running technique will enable you to run faster with less effort, but research also shows that “developing a better running stride mechanics and neuromuscular control is shown to be effective in preventing injury” (Runners’ World).

Our approach towards this is the Salming Running Wheel, centered around a hub, with five spokes.

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The Team

Peter Fröberg
Head coach of Salming RunLAB
With his unique competence and many years of experience in working with elite sports, Peter Fröberg is a valued member of the Salming Running Team.

As a coach, Peter has represented the Swedish Athletic National Team in the Olympics, World Championships and European Championships. Peter has dedicated his adult life to coaching Track & Field athletes but recently he has also worked as a personal physical trainer for the hockey professionals in NHL and KHL.
Rubin McRae
Running coach
Rubin comes from the running nation New Zealand. For a number of years he competed for the national team, and held a scholarship from an American college. He was a great runner, racing everything from 1500m to the half marathon.

Rubin has worked as a coach and personal trainer since 2004. He has diplomas and degrees from Auckland University as well as the USA. Among other things, he studied sport science, anatomy, physiology, testing and coaching.
Lisa McRae
Running coach
As a former elite runner, Lisa has many national medals to her name, ranging from 1500m to the marathon. She has worked as a coach and personal trainer since 2004, taking college courses (USA) and being educated by Personal Training School in Stockholm. Her passion when it comes to running is all about technique and intervals.
Pernilla Ohlsson
Running coach
Pernilla has worked in the training industry for over 20 years and since 2014 she has been working as Urban Tribes’ Product and Education manager. She was an acclaimed footballer and rugby player who has turned into a runner, favoring the half marathon distance.
Lhina Hansson
Retail manager
Lhina is passionate about sports in general and running in particular. She is a masseur and a personal trainer and holds a graduate degree in sports and health science and carries several different training educations in her backpack.

A great understanding for the body and its functions and a big believe in the connection between physical activity and health and wellbeing makes her another valued member of the running team.