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Envío gratuito para pedidos superiores a 100 €
Plazo de entrega 4 - 5 días
Salming Off Trail Competition
149,00 €
  • Color: Lava Red
  • Drop: 4 mm
  • Peso: 220 g (UK 5,5)
  • Género: Women
  • Ref.: 1288054-0808

OT Comp – Off Trail Competition!

Confidence is key when running in extreme terrain. Therefore, developing the ultimate off trail performance shoe OT Comp (Off Trail Competition), Salming teamed up with technical soles authority Michelin in order to create a lightweight agile self-cleaning shoe with excellent traction that cater to the needs of orienteering, OCR and Swimrun athletes – meaning traction and adaptability combined!

The lug design of the outsole is inspired by a mix of Michelin’s critically acclaimed mountainbike and motorbike tires; Wild Mud and Starcross 5. The lugs are constructed for maximum penetration in mud when searching for harder ground and grip. The small difference in height, built into the lugs itself, allows for excellent penetration. At the arch there’s a tread design for stability, control and traction on obstacles.

The base structure that connects the outsole to the midsole, adopt the Michelin Fiber Lite Technology construction that enables extreme lightness through a very thin but very durable textile layer. The Michelin Fiber Lite Technology derives from Michelins tire making experience, where the tire structure is partially made of fiber. These areas are recognized on the outsole as the embossed downwards areas with a clear textile texture surface.

The rubber used in the OT Comp outsole is Michelins OCX - Extreme Outdoor Compound - which features an extreme adherence on wet slippery surfaces due to its special sticky compound.

The upper construction has a lightweight mesh body allowing excellent water drainage and breathability. The side areas exposed to the wear and tear of rugged terrain has an added RocShield™ reinforcement areas, protecting your foot and shoe. The Midsole features the Salming DNA of the Torsion Guidance System 62/75° (TGS62/75°) – the distance from heel to the ball of foot (62% of the shoe) has been designed to offer an optimized rear foot stability, which ends up in a so called “ballet” line, inserted at a 75° angle. The TGS 62/75° technology assures that the shoe bends in exactly the right places. The midsole of OT Comp is Salmings critically acclaimed RunLite compound, also found on Salming Elements, its predecessor. The RunLite midsole is made thin to enable the mind to read the ground underneath your foot (Proprioception being part of Salming Running Wheel™) but still with enough cushion properties to make your run comfortable. The drop is 4mm.

Athletes and Salming ambassadors that has taken part in the wear test program and provided their valuable insight feedback are World Orienteering Champions Daniel Hubman, Switzerland and Fredrik Bakkman of Sweden. On the Swimrun side Swedish Pro Triathlete Jonas Colting has participated.

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Construcción de 2 capas

La capa superior se ha diseñado con una construcción en forma de sándwich de 2 capas y otra construcción de exoesqueleto encima de ella. La primera capa interior que está junto al pie incluye una gran malla de aire que proporciona una gran comodidad. Encima de esta capa hay otra malla fina que permite un excelente drenaje de agua y, además, evita que se pegue arena y gravilla. La capa externa es una unidad de exoesqueleto, a la cual se ha integrado la zona de los cordones, que permite sujetar con firmeza el pie y tener un ajuste inmejorable.

TGS 62/75°

La distancia del talón a la parte anterior de la planta del pie (62% del calzado) se ha diseñado con una estabilidad adicional que termina en la llamada línea de «ballet», un ángulo de 75°. Delante de la línea de 75°, hemos dotado al calzado de mayor flexibilidad para estimular los movimientos naturales del pie. La función TGS 62/75° garantiza que el calzado se doble en los sitios adecuados, estimulando los movimientos naturales hacia un lado y hacia delante del pie.


El diseño de exoesqueleto estabiliza el pie en los movimientos laterales y alivia la presión en las articulaciones metatarsofalángicas (MTP). Esta parte del diseño elimina la fricción y reduce el impacto de las fuerzas laterales sobre las partes blandas del pie, en especial, debajo de la puntera del pie.


La parte intermedia de la suela incluye una goma EVA especial de inyección con abrasión alta (RunLite™) diseñada para crear una agradable sensación con la pista. Es ligera y responde a la superficie desde el primer paso.

Inclinación de 4 mm

La inclinación (la diferencia de altura entre el centro del talón y el centro de la parte anterior del pie, incluyendo tanto la parte intermedia de la suela como la suela) es de 4 mm para facilitar una buena postura y minimizar el riesgo de torcedura de tobillo.

Michelin Technical Soles™

The rubber compound used in the OT Comp outsole is the Michelin OCX - Extreme Outdoor Compound - which features an extreme adherence on wet slippery surfaces due to its special sticky compound.


A special PU area covering the lower part of the shoe upper protecting it from sharp rocks and branches thus both increasing the durability of the shoe and adds confidence to the runner.


Nuestra talonera se ha diseñado específicamente para agregar el mínimo de peso al cuerpo, permitiendo un ajuste transformable y adaptable.