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Strike first! Check out the brand new SALMING KOBRA!
Salming Fusione Aero Vectran! Manoeuverability. Control. Spin.
Salming Fusione Pro Aero Vectran
  • Color: Green/Black
  • Grip: X3M Sticky
  • Material comp: Carbon + Vectran
  • String tension: 11 kg / 24 lbs
  • Frame weight: 133 g +/- 5 g, 4,69 oz
  • Unstrung weight: 145 g +/- 5 g, 5,11 oz
  • String: Instinct Response
  • String pattern: 14 x 19
  • Rec tension: 8-12 kg / 18-26 lbs
  • Head size: 495 cm2 - 76,7 inch2
  • Total size: 685 mm
  • Balance: 374 mm
  • SKU: 1297108-0601

Salming Fusione Pro of the Aero Vectran series offers a new powerful closed throat bridge racket geometry with an even balance. Fusione PRO features an excellent package of maneuverability, control and power. It has the new aerodynamic frame with the open face structure to facilitate to cut the ball with increased spin.

  • 1297108_10_Salming Fusione Pro Racket_Green-Black.jpg
  • 1297108_11_Salming Fusione Pro Racket_Green-Black.jpg
  • 1297108_12_Salming Fusione Pro Racket_Green-Black.jpg
  • 1297108_14_Salming Fusione Pro Racket_Green-Black.jpg
  • 1297108_2_Salming Fusione Pro Racket_Green-Black.jpg