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Miles - Takes you farther

The new Salming Miles shoe adds a more cushioned shoe without compromising the Salming concept and principles of running. Watch the new movie now!

Elements - Run anywhere

Get off the trail and right into the woods. Or why not into the sea.Elements enables you to run anywhere or swim for that matter and get the best out of you. Watch the movie!


Top performance round the clock. From shirts to underwear, get the new Salming look for a "every-rep comfortable" style. Have a look at the video!

Salming Run&GYM

The Salming Run&Gym collection makes you feel like an athlete, regardless
if you are out there getting a ”runners high” or have a tough exercise in the gym.. 

Salming RunLAB™

Would you like to run faster with less effort? Are you interested in decreasing
the likelihood of getting injured? Whatever the reasons are, Salming RunLAB™
has the tool for you - a Full-body Running Analysis.

Salming Academy

Get stronger, faster, and more explosive. Run up hills,
build up strength or learn how to stretch your muscles.
Watch the movies and get advice from the pros!

Running Jackets Women

Take your running to the next level wearing Salming Running jackets. Made in super light material and stylish cuts.

Running Jackets Men

Choose between warm and water resistant outer jackets perfect for tough run and Salming hoodies for the gym or ”after running”.

Running Tights Women

Fast paced shoes demand equally fast running tights. Fly past your opponents wearing the Salming Running Tights.

Salming Race - built to race

Showcase the fastest version of yourself on race day with the Salming Race natural running shoe. The quick and responsive RunLite™ midsole featuring a Torsion Efficiency Unit made of carbon fiber serves you the very best abilities to give it your all in both short and long distance races.

Salming Speed - built for speed

Speed really gets the most out of your run. Initiated runners all love the responsiveness of this shoe. Experience the light, flexible characteristics of this natural running shoe. Speed 3 has a new improved speedlite compound which is even more responsive in comparison to previous model.

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