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Strike first! Check out the brand new Salming Kobra!
The new Salming Quest 5. Feel power & control like never before
Salming Slide 4
SKU 1236084-0166
Weight: 270 g (size UK 9)
Color: Black/GeckoGreen
Salming Slide 4
  • Weight: 270 g (size UK 9)
  • Color: Black/GeckoGreen
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Midsole: Cushioning Foam
  • Outsole: XR110™
  • Sizes: UK3.5-12.0, EU37-48
  • SKU: 1236084-0166

The fifth generation of the world’s first floorball goalie shoe. A light weight shoe with excellent sliding characteristics and maximized flexibility.

The sliding area is padded and powered with a very durable polyester nylon which provides excellent sliding properties no matter the quality of the floor surface. Divided outer sole for maximized flexibility.

Asymmetrical lacing covered by an exo toungue construction that keeps the lacing in place and protected throughout the game.

  • salming-shoes-slide4-2.jpg