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Strike first! Check out the brand new Salming Kobra!
The new Salming Quest 5. Feel power & control like never before
Salming Q5 X-shaft™ KickZone™ TipCurve™ 3° JR
SKU 1106280
Flex: 32
Material: 60% Carbon, 40% Glassfibre
Salming Q5 X-shaft™ KickZone™ TipCurve™ 3° JR
  • Flex: 32
  • Material: 60% Carbon, 40% Glassfibre
  • Grip: Ultimate Grip
  • Weight: 232 g (87 cm)
  • Color: Magenta/White
  • Shaft length: 87 cm, 92 cm
  • Stick length: 98 cm, 103 cm
  • SKU: 1106280

The ultimate Quest 5 JR stick filled with special features: X-shaft design that is slimmer than the regular curved shafts and a redefined and optimized KickZone area with a 3° TipCurve angle. This stick is all about ultimate shooting power. Powered with the Q5 blade in Endurance™ material.

  • salming-floorball-sticks-quest5-xshaft-kickzone-tipcurve-3-jr-2.jpg
  • salming-floorball-sticks-quest5-xshaft-kickzone-tipcurve-3-jr-3.jpg
Tech spotlight

TipCurve™ - is exactly what the name says - a curve at the tip end of the shaft creating an optimized angle towards the floor surface and the ball - resulting in harder shots without having to bend the blades heel part. TipCurve is available in 2°, 3° and 5°.


Xshaft™ - The X-shaft design is slimmer than the regular curved shafts and it has a refined slimmer KickZone area. The X-shaft KickZone has an extreme whip effect with an amazing shooting accuracy.


KickZone™ - is developed to provide an increased whip-effect meaning that the shaft when bent is kicking back faster and thereby hitting the ball with greater power creating increased ball speed.

Q5 Trident Technology™

Unsurpassed shaft-to-blade power transmission

Q5 Single Cavity Plus™

One single horizontal cavity along the entire blade area.

Q5 Sweet Spot

Shooting precision design construction.

Q5 Thicker Frame

Added torsional stiffness.