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Strike first! Check out the brand new Salming Kobra!
The new Salming Quest 5. Feel power & control like never before
Salming Q2 Blade
  • Color: Poison Green
  • Material: Bio Power
  • SKU: 1112309B-6262

Salming's very popular blade with optimized heel and frame construction for superior torsional rigidity. Q2 is perfect for the bow-runner player. Single Cavity Plus™, one horizontal cavity across the entire blade in combination with a 9mm vertical cavity, provides excellent ball sensitivity. The front section has a Toe Drag design™ to make it easier to pull in the ball toward yourself. Rasmus Sundstedt is one of Salming's ambassadors who participated in the product development.


The blade material is Salmings unique BioPower™ a powerful compound which consists of 96% biobased content (sugar cane). Salming BioPower™ - a Force of Nature!

  • salming-floorball-blades-polymer-biopower.jpg
Tech spotlight
Q2 Base Frame Stabilzer BFS™

By optimizing the heel and base frame area we achive a rock solid blade construction with great torsional stiffness - enabling harder shots.

Q2 Single Cavity Plus™

One single horizontal cavity along
The entire blade area.

Q2 Increased Ball Control

Deeper vertical cavity creating an enhanced ball control and thereby - more power.

Q2 Toe Drag Design TDD™

Making it easier for you to pull the ball towards you and thereby increasing ball control.