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Strike first! Check out the brand new SALMING KOBRA!
SALMING VIPER Move faster. For women, men, juniors & kids!

Salming Kobra - Strike first

The brand new Salming Kobra is a fast paced unique combination of lightweight, cushioning and stability.
Check out all the new features here!

Salming Race R9 - stay in control

Designed with less heel to toe drop and a thicker forefoot with great rebound characteristics. Extremely comfortable and fun to run in.

Salming Instinct Pro

Extraordinary handball in soft and extremely durable synthetic leather. Thick high quality rubber re-enforcement ensures maximum performance, roundness and power.

Salming Viper - Move faster

Low profile and excellent stability characteristics. Gets you close to the floor, makes you faster and leaves your opponent behind.

Salming Authentic collection

Polos, hoodies and jackets for your perfect fit off court!

Salming Goalie Collection

Endorsed by Mattias Andersson, Salming Ambassador and one of the worlds best handball goalies.

Salming Academy

Schools for pivot, attack, feint, goalkeeper and penalty throws. Welcome to season 4 of Salming Handball Academy!

Salming Viper - The movie

Learn everything about the Salming Viper. Understand why it gets more and more popular in the handball society.

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