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Game Apparel women

Get ready for the game! A collection of game apparel with tops, tees and skirts from Salming. Check it out so you are ready for the new season on the cour

Training apparel women

To exercise perfect you need perfect apparel. Choose the right presentation suit, training gear and jacket and you are ready to go.

Training apparel men

Take your training to the next level wearing Salming Training apparel. Made in modern fabrics and stylish cuts.

Game apparel men

The right apparel gives you the right attitude. Nononsense! Go out there and dominate!.

Salming Viper Women – Move faster

Learn more about the Salming Viper. Understand why it gets more and more popular in the badminton society.

Salming Viper Men – Move faster

Low profile and excellent stability characteristics. Gets you close to the floor, makes you faster and leaves your opponent behind.


Carry your equipment in the right bag.
Find out more about Salming racket bags with Thermo Protection and a lot of smart compartments and pockets for all your stuff.